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The Weidmuller Company started its activities in the textile industry in Chemnitz in 1850 year. For less than 100 years the company has become a specialist in the manufacturing of Staffel modular terminals . In 1952, Weidmuller took part in the Hanover Trade Fair for the first time as a manufacturer. Further business development resulted in the opening of a foreign representative office in England. Since 1978, the company has improved its manufacturing process through the implementation of mechanical assembly into production. For nearly 30 years, Weidmuller has based its activities on specific values-Customer-Innovation-Quality-Employees. In order to improve its product offer and continuously bulid user knowledge, the company founded the Weidmüller Academy . In fiscal 2013 year, the company turnover reached sales of 640.3 million euros with an employment of 4,600 workers.

Weidmuller as a company with global reach, with 165 years of experience on the market, offers its customers and partners, industrial solutions and products for data, power signal processing and electrical energy conversion. Many years of market presence and knowledge of the industry helped the manufacturer to develop permanent product improvement through the continuous development and introduction of innovative solutions that respond to the needs of the market and customers.

The Weidmuller Company has its own production and distribution centers in 80 countries around the world, emphasize the importance of ensuring the quality of its products. Its product quality is recognized by quality management standard ISO 9000FF and by audits conducted by independent bodies. Audits are carried over in both the production centers and company laboratories. Weidmuller possesses an accredited laboratory which obtained the accreditation according to DIN standard ES ISD/IEC 17025 carried out by an independent institution, has the right to carry out tests for modular terminal blocks , heavy-duty connectors , and electronic components. Thanks to electromagnetic and environmental resistance tests, customers can safely use Weidmuller products worldwide. A number of approvals, certificates, and approvals such as ISO, OHSAS, ATEX are available on the manufacturer’s website.

Weidmuller Products are not only modular terminal blocks and heavy-duty connectors , but also a wide range of solutions for data transmission, power supply and surge protectors. They work in industries such as machine building industry, process engineering, and the power industry.