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Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation is the world’s largest industrial automation group.

It boasts a history of 100 years and has a global footprint. The global headquarters of the company are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The group has commercial offices and production sites in 80 countries, including Poland, where there is one production site in Katowice and a commercial office in Warsaw. The company employs 22,500 staff. Rockwell Automation prides itself on quality, reliability and innovation of its products. Strategic brands that make up the group include: Allen Bradley, Rockwell Software, and Rockwell Automation, the latter offering services that complement the group’s product offering. Other brands owned by the group include:  Guard Master, Cedes, Anorad, Hengsheng, Hinz, HIPROM, ICS Triplex, LeKtroniX, Pavilion Technologies, ProsCon, SoftSwitching Technologies, Tesch, Reliance Electric Drives. The acquired brands that are a part of the strategic brands portfolio include: CIE, Datasweep, Entek, GAPA, Incuity, Interwave, Propack Data, and Sequencia. Rockwell Automation manufactures products and develops technologies in such industrial domains as control systems, industrial components, detection, motor control devices, safety systems, network technologies, protection technologies, visualization, and HMI. Rockwell Automation is a leading provider of solutions in the Connected Components, Integrated Architecture, Intelligent Motor Control, or Smart Motor Control, Smart Manufacturing, and On-Machine Solutions segments. Products offered by the group find their application in nearly all industrial disciplines, and include circuit protection items, operator panels, PLC along with IN/OUT modules, drives and motors, frequency converters, sensors, limit switches, relays, power supply units, and safety systems.

The broad offering of the group’s product ensures suitability for any application, combined with software, maintenance and training package. Importantly, Rockwell Automation also offers solutions for non-standard applications, developed for particularly demanding users.


Rockwell Automation continues to develop its product offering to meet the expectations of its customers and provide them with top quality and reliability.

We also encourage you to visit the manufacturer’s website: