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The International ABB Group is known by Polish engineers working in industrial automation and power energy sector for many decades. Three red letters ABB has always symbolized the highest quality, precision and maximum technological advancement. For 25 years, ABB is present also in Poland, not only as a synonym for reliable devices, but as an employer and the owner of the factories. ABB companies in Poland employ a total of approximately 3300 employees located in branch offices, factories and sales offices in the country. Half of the production volume from Poland goes to almost all countries of the world. Constant increase in export is proved by the high quality products. ABB is considered to be one of the most innovative companies in Poland. Krakow ABB Research Center has initiated and implemented innovative solutions, which increase productivity and improve the quality of the company. The key to ABB activity is responsible business with respect to the universal rules of the UN Global Compact principles.

Below our main ABB product lines, we offer:

Measurement and Analytics

Low Voltage Inverters

Low Voltage Products and Systems

Medium Voltage Products

PLC Controllers, Control Panels, Utility and Supervisory software

We also recommend to consult with dedicated ABB Product website: