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STIKO is a Dutch manufacturer of many different pressure gauges, thermometers and other recorders for pressure and temperatures.

STIKO Pressure gauges can be used in many industrial applications for pressure ranges from -1 up to 7000 bars, due to variety of design versions and ways of installation. Pressure gauges are offered in three shape versions: round, rectangular (horizontal and vertical) and the square. All pressure gauges are made of stainless steel and steel painted black. In addition, pressure gauges have a long list of accessories, for example electrical contacts, pressure transducers including an intrisincally safe version, filled up with silicone oil or glycerin. An interesting position in the offer is subsea pressure gauge product group, which thanks to the reinforced design and heavy duty glass allow for the continuous and reliable measuring at a depth of even 4000m.

New in the STIKO offer are electronic pressure gauges, which are also available in three versions and have a wide range of accessories.

Thermometers, similarly to pressure gauges, are available in many designs like: mechanical, electronic, with process or sanitary connection, SMS, Tri Clamp, RJT, Varivent, with capillary (length up to 100 m), a large range of temperature measurement (from -200 to 800 Celsius degrees) and in a variety of shapes.

STIKO offer is supplemented by product group of pressure and temperature recorders.

We recommend to visit also following website:


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PBX-BI - Economy Line-BI - ss case & brass internalsPBX-SI - Economy Line-SI - ss case & ss steel internalsPBX-MM - 63mm and 100mm pressure gauges for the price-conscious buyerPBX115XA-PH - Phenolic pressure gauges
PBX-TG - Bourdon tube test pressure gauge - class 0.25 % F.S.PBX-SF - Solid front pressure gauge acc. to EN 837-1PBX-SF-HP - Solid front high pressure gauge, 4000 - 7000 barPBB - Duplex pressure gauge with two bourdon tubes
PCX - Capsule pressure gauge for low pressures with stainless steel internalsPCX-BI - Capsule pressure gauge for low pressures with brass internalsPMX - Diaphragm type, all stainless steelPMX-HO - High overload safe Diaphragm type, all stainless steel
PPB - Square and rectangular case with bourdon tubePPC - Square and rectangular case with capsule for low pressuresRPX - Bourdon tube system with mechanical springwound clockRPP - Pelicase
PBS - Chemical seal pressure gaugePFS - Chemical seal and capillary tubePFS-TL - Tank level pressure gauge capillary tubePBQ - Sanitary chemical seal
PFQ - Sanitary chemical seal and capillary tubePBR / PBT - Chemical seal for high pressure with flush diaphragm / finger typePBD - Bourdon tube systemPCD - Capsule for low-differential pressure
PDD - Diaphragm systemPMD - Diaphragm systemPSD - Double bellows systemPOD - Double diaphragm system, overload safe upto 100 bar
POD-HS - Double diaphragm system, overload safe upto 250 bar (400 bar)PBX-SS-CD - Subsea bourdon tube system max. 2500 metresPBX-SS - Subsea bourdon tube system max. 1200 metresPBX-SS - Subsea bourdon tube system max. 1200 metres
PBX-SS-ED - Subsea bourdon tube system max. 4000 metresPBX-CAISSON - Caisson test pressure gaugePBX-SS-CAISSON - Pressure tight caisson pressure gauge