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Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI) is American company founded in 1985, US manufacturer with leading position in industrial automation. AMCI offers a full range of customer support: distribution, warranty service, technical support and product research. Company introduces pioneering solutions to the market by continuous product development and with many years of experience they created competitive, affordable and reliable products. AMCI qualified staff helps customers in identifying product selection, control systems and components that are best suited to their application.

Today, you can find the Specialty I/O solutions in the company portfolio, which are based on programmable logical controllers (PLC). They are currently the most widely used in industrial automation. PLCs are recognized by expanded driver functionality with use of the position sensors, motion control and pressure switches. Stepper motors represent another AMCI product line. A reliable solution for traffic control that can be used and integrated with existing systems. Another innovative solution is featured by iPLC microcontroller series. Since 1985 leading AMCI brand products are rotary sensors, transducers, adapted to work in severe conditions (shocks, extreme temperatures, exposure to contaminants). Moreover, Advanced Micro Controls specializes in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty  encoders , cost-efficient and low-cost applications which operate in any environment subject to brutal conditions. As a complement to the whole product range there are available accessories for the control and monitoring. High quality cables, connectors, relay boards, interface modules, sensors used in AMCI systems can improve performance and optimize operation costs of production line.

Well-known manufacturer, a company with a stable position on the market, experience and knowledgeable employees and individual approach are key features which ensured Advanced Micro Controls Inc. to reach a leading position in this industry. The company currently provides access to a wide range of products offered through the website, which you are encouraged to visit at the following address:


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SD7540A - Microstepping Stepper Motor DriverSD17040C - Microstepping Stepper Motor Driver 4.0 Arms/5.7A peakSD17060B - Microstepping Stepper Motor Driver 6.3 Arms/8.9A peakSD17060E - Ethernet/IP Stepper Motor Indexer / Drive
SD31045 - Microstepping Stepper Motor DriverSD31045E - Ethernet/IP Stepper Motor Indexer / DriveSD31045E - Modbus-TCP Stepper Motor Indexer / DriveSM2340 - Stepper Motors
SM34 - Stepper MotorsPLC Modules: - Stepper (and Servo) Motion ControllersDC Input 24-75VDC - Stepper Motor DriversSM Series: - Stepper Motors
SMD Series: - Integrated Stepper Motor ControlsControlLogix PLC - ControlLogix PLCCompactLogixPLC - CompactLogixPLCMicroLogix 1500 PLC - MicroLogix 1500 PLC
MicroLogix: 1762 I/O - MicroLogix: 1762 I/OPOINT I/O - POINT I/OSLC500 PLC - SLC500 PLCPLC-5 PLC - PLC-5 PLC
AC Input 115VAC - Stepper MotorAC Input 230VAC - Stepper MotorAnyNET I/O - Integrated Stepper Motor ControlsE-Drives - Integrated Stepper Motor Controls
Networked Devices - Stepper (and Servo) Motion ControllersPackaging Control - AMCI Stand Alone Controls Product FamilyPress Control - AMCI Stand Alone Controls Product FamilyGeneral Purpose PLS - AMCI Stand Alone Controls Product Family
Position Feedback - AMCI Stand Alone Controls Product FamilyResolver Transducers At A Glance - Resolver Transducers At A GlanceNR25 - Series DuraCoder® Rotary Shaft EncodersDC25 - Series DuraCoder® Rotary Shaft Encoders
CTL-(X) - CablesCTL-(X) - CablesCTL-(X) /MS25 - CablesCML-(X) - Cables
CML-(X)/MS19 - CablesC1TR-(X) - CablesCRL-(X) - CablesCSL-(X) - Cables
CRL-(X) - CablesCRPC-(X) - CablesCRP-(X) - CablesMS-8 - Connectors
MS-8P - ConnectorsMSD-10 - ConnectorsMS-14 - ConnectorsMS-16 - Connectors
MS-161 - ConnectorsMS-18 - ConnectorsMS-19 - ConnectorsMS-20 - Connectors
MS-201 - ConnectorsMS-24 - ConnectorsMS-25 - ConnectorsMS-27 - Connectors
MS-34 - ConnectorsKD-6 - Relay Boards, 3 to 60Vdc, 3AdcKA-3 - Relay Boards, 120Vac, 3AacTMB-1 - Mounting Bracket
Point IO PLC Modules - Point IO PLC Modules1762 MicroLogix I/O PLC Modules - 1762 MicroLogix I/O PLC ModulesCompactLogix and MicroLogix 1500 PLC Modules - CompactLogix and MicroLogix 1500 PLC ModulesControlLogix PLC Modules - ControlLogix PLC Modules
SLC500 PLC Modules - SLC500 PLC ModulesPLC-5 PLC Modules - PLC-5 PLC ModulesGE Fanuc 90-30 PLC Modules - GE Fanuc 90-30 PLC ModulesGE Fanuc 90-70 PLC Modules - GE Fanuc 90-70 PLC Modules
IBM PLC Modules - IBM PLC ModulesQuantum PLC Modules - Quantum PLC ModulesMS-16 - AMCI Connector Country of Origin: USAR11X - J10/7G - AMCI Connector Country of Origin: USA
AMCI2611 - AMCI Module Country of Origin: USA2612 - AMCI PLC module Country of Origin: USARB-8 - AMCI Relay Board Country of Origin: USARB-7 - AMCI Relay Board Coutry of Origin: USA
KD-6 - AMCI Relay Country of Origin: USA2731-04 - AMCI Resolver8213-PLS - AMCI Resolver card, Country of Origin: USA8213 - AMCI Resolver Limit Switch Country of Origin: USA
2541 - AMCI Resolver PLS Country of Origin: USAHT-20 - AMCI Resolver transducer, Country of Origin: USA1541-03 - AMCI Resolver Country of Origin: USAAMCIHT20 - AMCI Resolver Country of Origin: USA
HT-400-S-J - AMCI RESOLVER Country of Origin: USAR11X-J10/7G - AMCI Resolver Country of Origin: USAH25-FS-06 - AMCI Resolver Coutry of Origin: USAHT-20S - AMCI Resolver Coutry of Origin: USA
R11W-F10/7 - AMCI Resolver, Country of Origin: USA