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Barksdale has existed on the market since the year 1949. The headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California, the manufacturing facility is situated in Reichelsheim, Germany and the distribution network covers the entire world. The Barksdale company is a manufacturer of controllers for industrial applications, ISO 9001 certified. It specializes in the control and measurement of liquids and gases. Thanks to the fact that they belong to the Crane group, they have financial resources while keeping independence in their decisions. This allows them to offer individual and professional customer care.

Barksdale prides itself in providing specially designed and customized products to meet customers’ specific requirements. Most products are available in a wide range of optional modifications which makes it easier to adapt the product to the specific applications using the standard components. The Barksdale engineers are eager to help in any case, their 50 years of experience allows you to face difficult and often unsolved problems by other manufacturers.

Barksdale components are used in  steel mills, processing plants, car manufacturers, production companies, power generation facilities, chemical plants, textile factories,  food processing plants, on drilling rigs, oil fields, in rescue equipment,  and on transportation equipment. Their products can be found in every area of industry,  and not only. In the product portfolio we can find electronic and mechanical switches, pressure transducers, valves, regulators, position and level switches, motor control systems, gauges, meters and speed sensors. Many industries use Barksdale solutions, inter alia, from mobile and stationary hydraulic systems, from truck suspensions, chargers, load monitoring, cargo lifts,  and elevators.

In almost every industrial branch, Barksdale products are present, proving its reliability and optimizing manufacturing processes.

The Barksdale company is well-known on the American market for its wide range of products. For a more detailed description, you can visit our website. You are encouraged to visit it at the following address:


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E1H - H90 - BARKSDALE (0.25-6 BAR) Switch Country of Origin: USAE1H - H15 - BARKSDALE (0.4-1 BAR) Switch Country of Origin: USAE1H-H90 - BARKSDALE PRESSURE SWITCH 3.0-90PSI Country of Origin: USAE1H-H15 - BARKSDALE Pressure Switch Country of Origin: USA
MT1H-H154S-1-A - BARKSDALE TEMPERATURE SWITCH Country of Origin: USABPS3000 - Dual Electronic Pressure SwitchUDS1V2 - Electronic Pressure SwitchSW2000 - Stainless Steel
UDS7-BX - Explosion Proof Electronic Pressure SwitchUDS3 - Multiple Output Electronic SwitchUAS3 - Electronic Trip AmplifierSeries CSP - Compact Pressure Switch
Series CSM - Compact Pressure SwitchSeries 96201 - Compact SwitchSeries 96211 - Compact SwitchSeries 96221 - Compact Switch
Series B2S - Stripped & Housed Bourdon TubeSeries B1S - Stripped & Housed Bourdon TubeSeries B1T - Stripped & Housed Bourdon TubeSeries B2T - Stripped & Housed Bourdon Tube
Series 9617 - Sealed PistonSeries 9048 - Sealed PistonC9612 Series - Visual Indicating Sealed Piston SwitchC9622 Series - Visual Indicating Sealed Piston Switch
Series A9675 - Sealed Piston, Double Make, Double BreakSeries 9675 - Sealed Piston, Double Make, Double BreakSeries 9692X - Explosion Proof Compact SwitchSeries 9681X - Explosion Proof Compact Switch
Series 9671X - Explosion Proof Compact SwitchSeries B1X - Explosion Proof Bourdon TubeSeries B2X - Explosion Proof Bourdon TubeCD2H Series - House Diaphragm Switch
CD1H Series - House Diaphragm SwitchSeries 7000 - Stainless Steel or Brass Compact Pressure SwitchD1T Series - Terminal Block Diaphragm SwitchD2T Series - Terminal Block Diaphragm Switch
EPD1S Series - Low Cost Differential Pressure SwitchEPD1H Series - Low Cost Differential Pressure SwitchE1H Series - Econ-O-Trol SwitchE1S Series - Econ-O-Trol Switch
Series 8000 - Compact Pressure SwitchMSPS/MSPH Series - The Little GeneralD1S Series - Stripped & Housed DiaphragmD2S Series - Stripped & Housed Diaphragm
D1H Series - Stripped & Housed DiaphragmD2H Series - Stripped & Housed DiaphragmSeries 9000 - Compact Pressure SwitchP1H Series - Dia-Seal Piston
Series CSK - Compact Pressure SwitchD1X Series - Explosion Proof Diaphragm SwitchD2X Series - Explosion Proof Diaphragm SwitchP1X Series - Explosion Proof Dia-Seal Piston
CDPD1H Series - Calibrated Differential SwitchCDPD2H Series - Calibrated Differential SwitchVCDPD1H Series - Calibrated Differential SwitchVCDPD2H Series - Calibrated Differential Switch
DPD1T Series - Diaphragm Differential SwitchDPD2T Series - Diaphragm Differential SwitchSeries 423 - General Industrial Transducer (Amplified)Series 425 - General Industrial Transducer (Amplified)
Series 428 - General Industrial Transducer (Amplified)Series 422 - General Industrial Transducer (Unamplified)Series 420 - General Industrial Transducer (Unamplified)Series 600 - OEM Transducer
Series 423X - Explosion Proof Transducer (Amplified)Series 425X - Explosion Proof Transducer (Amplified)Series 426X - Explosion Proof Transducer (Amplified)Series 446 - Intrinsically Safe Transducer
Series 445 - Intrinsically Safe TransducerSeries 443 - Intrinsically Safe TransducerSeries 436 - Non-Incendive TransducerSeries 435 - Non-Incendive Transducer
Series 433 - Non-Incendive TransducerSeries 426N1 - General Industrial J-Box TransducerSeries 425N1 - General Industrial J-Box TransducerSeries 423N1 - General Industrial J-Box Transducer
Series III-L Valves - Actuated Heavy Duty ValvesSeries 9020 - Shear-Seal® Manual Directional Control ValveSeries 9000 - Shear-Seal® Manual Directional Control ValveSeries II Valves - Actuated Heavy Duty Valves
Series 9080 - Low Pressure OEM ValvesSeries 9040 - Low Pressure OEM Valves518 Series - Microtorque Valve526 Series - Microtorque Valve
Series 4140 - High Pressure ValveModel 371MT7 - Position Indicator for Series II & Series III-L ValvesSeries 3760 - Subplate Mounted Heavy Duty ValveSeries 5620 - Heavy Duty Valves
Series 920 - Heavy Duty ValvesSeries 200 - Heavy Duty ValvesSeries 140 - Heavy Duty ValvesSeries 6940 - High Pressure OEM Valves
Series 6900 - High Pressure OEM ValvesSeries 6180 - High Pressure OEM ValvesSeries 6140 - High Pressure OEM ValvesSeries S20517 - 1-1/2" Stainless Steel Pressure Regulator
Series L20517 - 1-1/2" Land Pressure RegulatorSeries L20415 - 1" Land Pressure RegulatorModel 20313 - 1/2" NPT Heavy Duty RegulatorSeries 20415 - 1" Pressure Regulator
Model 20495 - 1" Increased Sensitivity Pressure RegulatorModel 20597 - 1-1/2” Heavy Duty Hydraulic RegulatorSeries 8010 - Pressure Relief ValveBTS3000 - Electronic Temperature Switch
TS2000 - Electronic Temperature SwitchT9692X - Compact Explosion Proof Temperature SwitchSeries MT1H - Remote Mount Temperature SwitchesSeries T2H - Remote Mount Temperature Switches
L2H - Local Mount Temperature SwitchesML1H - Local Mount Temperature SwitchesSeries T2X - Explosion Proof Temperature SwitchesSeries T1X - Explosion Proof Temperature Switches
Series L1X - Explosion Proof Temperature SwitchesSeries TPR - General Purpose SwitchSeries THR - Temperature Switch for Industrial ApplicationsSeries THL - Temperature Switch for Industrial Applications
Series TXR - Explosion Proof Temperature SwitchSeries TXL - Explosion Proof Temperature SwitchSeries ML1S - Bi-Metallic SwitchUNS1000-BN18-TC - Level & Temperature Switch / Adjustable
UNS-PP - Level Switch - PlasticUNS-PA - Level Switch - PlasticUNS-MS - Level Switch 1/3NPT Brass or Stainless SteelUNS-VA - Level Switch 1/3NPT Brass or Stainless Steel
UNS-VA 1/8 NPT-VA27 - Level Switch 1/8NPT Stainless SteelUNS-MS 1/8NPT-BN30 - Level Switch 1/8NPT BrassUNS-VA 1/4 NPT-K1-VA52 - Level Switch 1/4NPT Stainless SteelUNS-MS - Dual Level/Temperature Switch
UNS-VA/SB5 - Bilge Guard Level SwitchUNS-VA/SB4 - Bilge Guard Level SwitchUNS-MS 1/4 NPT-BN30 - Level Switch 1/4NPT BrassUNS-1000 Series - Multi Level Switch
UNS-2000 Series - Multi Level SwitchUNS1000-BN18 - Level Switch/Temperature OptionModel LMSSM - Mini LevelSiteModel LMTBM - Mini LevelSite
Model LMTSM - Mini LevelSiteModel LMSBM - Mini LevelSiteModel LSSM - LevelSiteModel LTBM - LevelSite
Model LTSM - LevelSiteModel LSBM - LevelSiteEngine Controls - DynalcoInstruments - Dynalco
Magnetic Pickups - DynalcoSpeed Sensors - DynalcoGauges - DynalcoMeters - Dynalco
Power Generation - DynalcoSpeed Switches - DynalcoSpeed Transmitters - DynalcoEmissions Controls - Dynalco
SST7000 Series - Dynalco's Digital Speed Switch & TransmitterUQS7 - Solid State Flow Switch52462 Series - Pressure Protection Valve55521 Series - Cab Air Suspension Valve
52321 Series - Air Suspension Valve52341 Series - Air Suspension Valve with Integral Dump54341 Series - Air Suspension Valve with Reverse Integrated Dump