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Rueger is a Swiss manufacturer of bimetallic, gas thermometers, pressure gauges, temperature sensors and thermocouples.

Rueger thermometers guarantee high reliability, durability, fast response time and accuracy of measurement in harsh operating conditions. These thermometers can be additionally equipped with i.a. with the contacts (Ex i), safety glass, the ability to change the position of the blade and its own mechanism. Thanks to the large variety of bimetallic and gas thermometers, there are available many possible applications like in chemical industry, coal mines, and in the heating and cooling industries. In the product offer, you can also find thermometers which are highly resistant to vibrations, dedicated for use in diesel engines and compressors and a wide range of thermometers for applications in facilities like apartments, hotels, offices,  and  cold stores. The company’s offer is complemented by  thermometers used to measure bulk materials and to measure the temperature in metal surfaces.

It should be noted that the company provides the Rueger thermometers for special custom-made orders.

As in the case of thermometers, Rueger manometers are characterized by precision measurements, durability and reliability of work. Manometers have a large range of pressure measurement ranges, which enable a broad application.

At the end it should be also mentioned Rueger temperature sensors and thermocouples. Temperature sensors and thermocouples as well, are offered in a large variety.

We also encourage you to visit the following website:

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TH1 - Bimetallic thermometerTCT075A - Bimetallic thermometerTCB080A - Bimetallic thermometerTCB100A - Bimetallic thermometer
TC080A - Bimetallic thermometerTCT080A - Bimetallic thermometerTCT100A - Bimetallic thermometerTCH080A - Bimetallic thermometer
TCH100A - Bimetallic thermometerTD1 - Bimetallic thermometerTCO075A - Bimetallic thermometerTS2 - Bimetallic thermometer
TT1 - Bimetallic thermometerTT2 - Bimetallic thermometerTS1 - Bimetallic thermometerTMK - Bimetallic thermometer
TF1 - Gas thermometerTG1 - Gas thermometerTGK - Gas thermometerTFK - Gas thermometer
PBX063 - Pressure gaugePBX40 - Pressure gaugePBX50 - Pressure gaugePBX100 - Pressure gauge
PBX150 - Pressure gaugePBXSF063 - Pressure gaugePBXSF115 - Pressure gaugePBXSF100 - Pressure gauge
PSBXSF150 - Pressure gaugeS20 - Temperature sensor